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Pencils For Kids, a registered charitable organization, provides education, training and income-generating opportunities for children and women in Niger, West Africa.

Sharpening the minds of the future

It all started with 30 kids sharing 1 pencil.

  • Canadian charity run solely by volunteers, with no paid staff
  • 95% - 97% of every donation goes directly to our projects

Their story

It all began in the fall of 2005 when Canadian athletes participated in the “The Games of La Francophonie” in Niger, West Africa. During the Games a group of athletes visited a school in Liboré, a commune outside Niamey, the capital of Niger.

Learn more about the origins of this incredible organization by clicking HERE

Farmers of the Future
Empowering women and youth to approach farming as a business, thereby increasing economic opportunity and significantly reducing poverty.

Pencils for Kids (P4K) is piloting the first Farmers of the Future program with Dov Pasternak and ICRISAT to teach children in primary school how to grow vegetables and fruits, use drip irrigation, market their produce and invest their earnings. The first site for P4K was inaugurated in February 2010 in the village of Guireguinde in Liboré, Niger. It is a move from subsistence agriculture to agribusiness.

“The Farmers of the Future program is the brainchild of Professor Dov Pasternak an agricultural scientist with fifty years experience in dry regions. The program is done in partnership with an American NGO, Eliminate Poverty Now."

Learn more about Pencils For Kids Farmers of the Future program HERE

Sewing Program
Training girls to become tailors in Liboré at the Cooper Sewing Centre in order to earn a living from a trade.

Pencils For Kids noticed there were many girls who simply could not stay in school for a variety of reasons.

  • They were needed at home
  • They were married young
  • Their parents didn’t understand why educating girls mattered

How could we help them to earn a living and contribute to their families?

The Cooper Sewing Centre and Store are now located in the new Education and Apprenticeship Centre, built by Pencils for Kids in 2016.

To learn more about the Sewing Program click HERE

Scholarships for Girls
Our scholarships pay for books, uniforms, food allowances and most importantly 8 hours of additional tutoring weekly in 2-3 subjects.

The Beginning
Beginning in the 2009/2010 school year, P4K launched its Scholarships for Girls program, offering scholarships to four girls in the Madougou CES Secondary School in Liboré, and 39 girls in the Junior High School.

The results were outstanding, and the girls excelled in their studies, moving on to the next grade level.

The most remarkable transformation has been in the community itself – parents encouraging all their daughters to attend school, strive for excellence and reach for their potential. This change of mindset has impacted far more families and girls than the scholarship beneficiaries themselves.

To learn more about the scholarship for girls program click HERE

Watch Pencils for Kids founder Robin Mednick speak at TEDx Havergal College.

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