August - Last Minute Sale

    Save 20% Per Person on Galapagos - Central and East Islands Aboard the Reina Silvia Voyager | Offer Expires August 31, 2022

    August - Last Minute Sale with G Adventures

    Price: $6,599CAD Per Person

    (Valid towards Main Deck Double Cabin only. Price per person based on double occupancy, based off September 9, 2022 departure)

    Departure Date: September 9, 2022
    Return Date: September 18, 2022

    Photo: Reina Silvia Voyager

    Features & Inclusions

    • Cruise the Galápagos Islands aboard the Reina Silvia Voyager (7-nights)
    • All meals aboard the Reina Silvia Voyager
    • Certified Galápagos National Park Service Guide
    • Snorkelling at Gardner Bay, Isla Lobos, Sullivan Bay and Bartolomé
    • Possibility to snorkel or kayak at Santa Fé, Darwin Bay, Rábida and Chinese Hat
    • Hike to the Bartolomé Island viewpoint overlooking the famous Pinnacle Rock
    • Incredible wildlife encounters throughout
    • Highlands and wild tortoise excursion (Santa Cruz Island)
    • Visit to the Charles Darwin Research Station (Santa Cruz Island)
    • All landings and excursions
    • Onboard snorkelling equipment and wetsuits
    • Internal flights
    • All transport between destinations and to/from included activities

    Photo: Map of the Galapagos itinerary

    Day 1: Quito

    Arrive at any time. Arrival transfer included.

    Photo: Reina Silvia Voyager - Balcony room

    Day 2: Quito / Puerto Ayora

    Transfer early to the airport for the flight to the Galápagos Islands. Upon arrival, meet the Naturalist Guide and cross to Santa Cruz islands to visit the highlands and the Charles Darwin Research Station before boarding the boat in the late afternoon from Puerto Ayora.

    Day 3: Española: Gardner Bay / Punta Suárez

    Enjoy the day on Española Island, one of the oldest in the archipelago. Visit the white sandy beach of Gardner Bay and the bird colonies of Punta Suárez. Take guided walks to observe wildlife and have free time for swimming or snorkelling.

    Day 4: San Cristobal: Isla Lobos / Punta Pitt

    Land at Punta Pitt in the morning for a walk to observe the wildlife and spectacular scenery here. In the afternoon continue on to Isla Lobos on San Cristóbal to observe sea lions before travelling to the dramatic Kicker Rock to see the steep vertical stone walls rising from the ocean. The beauty makes for memorable sunset views.

    Photo: Sea Lions

    Day 5: Santa Fe / South Plaza

    Visit Santa Fé island for a chance to mingle with the iguanas. Continue to South Plaza for some great bird watching opportunities and views from the oceanside cliffs.

    Day 6: Genovesa: Darwin Bay / El Barranco

    Visit Darwin Bay and marvel at the sheer number of birds along the many trails. Head to El Barranco in the afternoon to see the many types of boobies, including red-footed boobies.

    Day 7: Santiago / Bartolomé

    Visit Sullivan Bay on Santiago Island to witness the giant lava formations contrasting the white-coral-sand beach. Continue to Bartolomé for a guided walk to see the island's dramatic volcanic features and the iconic Pinnacle Rock.

    Photo: Blue Footed Boobies

    Day 8: Rábida / Chinese Hat

    Spend the morning exploring the red sand beaches and salt water lagoons of this tiny island. Look for wading flamingos and nesting pelicans before heading out to do some snorkelling. In the afternoon, discover the lava flows and lava tunnels on the small island of Chinese Hat. After, enjoy a refreshing dip in turquoise waters. Search for fish and sea turtles in the protected bay.

    Day 9: Baltra / Quito

    Disembark in the morning at Baltra to catch the flight back to Quito for one final night on the town.

    Day 10: Quito

    Depart at any time.

    Don't delay, book your trip today! Offer expires August 31, 2022.

    Terms And Conditions

    Eligible passengers shall receive 20% off per person on guaranteed departures of the following small-group tours, for select dates departing before September 30, 2022: AAEK, AAES, AAMK, AEJG, AEJL, AEJV, AEKG, AEKS, AESS, AESU, AEUS, AEUSW, AFAN, AFMB, AHBB, AHBS, AHDC, AHDK, AHDS, AHDU, AHEH, AHGT, AHHE, AHKH, AHRA, AHRD, AHRH, AHUH, AKSS, ALVB, ALVC, ALVT, AMNA, ANAS, ANEA, ANKK, ANNA, AOPP, ASLA, ASLE, ASNC, ASSL, ASSM, ATBG, ATBH, ATBS, ATCV, ATHH, ATHV, ATID, ATIE, ATIS, ATIT, ATLV, ATNR, ATNY, ATRA, ATRC, ATRM, ATRT, ATSS, ATTV, ATTY, AUBU, AVCH, AVCT, AVCW, AVEV, AVHB, AVHH, AVRV, AVVF, AVVL, AWTU, AYBT, AYKK, AYKU, BBDR, BILM, CAM, CBBC, CCC, CCCE, CCCR, CCCS, CCHC, CGME, CMCA, CMMD, CMMP, CMTM, CRA, CRAC, CRBC, CRCR, CRFA, CRQ, CRSJ, CRSM, CRSSW, DACD, DADF, DADO, DAFD, DAJB, DAJJ, DAJL, DATJ, DAVV, DCCK, DCCT, DCF, DCKD, DCKE, DCKK, DCKM, DCMH, DCMX, DCN, DCXM, DJJA, DJNT, DKBJ, DKGN, DKGZ, DKKG, DKMG, DKMM, DKMT, DKNC, DKNK, DKSZ, DKTW, DKWA, DKWZ, DMHM, DNCD, DNDO, DNFO, DNV, DOIE, DOJO, DPBA, DPBE, DPCT, DPEE, DPGE, DPJA, DQMM, DSCC, DSCZ, DSJJ, DSUA, DTKL, DTKM, DTKR, DTKS, DTKZ, DTM8, DTMS, DTMZ, DTOS, DTOZ, DTSZ, DTTZ, DTWA, DTWE, DTWZ, DUGZ, DUKK, DURU, DVN, DWHJ, DZDD, DZDF, DZFO, DZKF, DZLD, EABE, EABI, EABS, ECDA, ECDAHW, ECDCHW, ECDL, ECVD, ECVM, ECVMD, ECVS, ECVSM, ECZA, ECZD, EDBP, EDLT, EDMAHW, EDMGHW, EDMRHW, EFET, EFFI, EFMB, EFME, EFPD, EFPJ, EFPM, EFPS, EGBG, EGCAHW, EGCO, EGCR, EGHG, EHAAHW, EHACHW, EHADHW, EHAMHW, EHARHW, EIAL, EIGL, EIHS, EIME, EINS, EIRCHW, EIRDHW, EIRF, EIRG, EIRH, EIRM, EIRV, EISO, EISS, EJBB, EJBP, EJBT, ELBI, ELHI, ELRRW, EMHC, ENBB, EPHA, EPHM, EPLP, EQDB, ESBC, ESBM, ESCS, ESHA, ESIM, ESLM, ESMB, ESMC, ESMK, ESMM, ESNS, ESSP, ETAT, ETBT, ETTO, EUEG, EXGA, EXHS, EXVS, GVAM, GVAS, GVMA, GVMM, GVMS, GVSA, GVSM, GVSS, JBR, JCS, JGS, JML, NCCV, NCRU, NCUR, NCVC, NCVS, NCVV, NCWL, NCWW, NUDL, NUDS, NUHH, NUJY, NUKB, NUKD, NULA, NULG, NULH, NULL, NULS, NULZ, NUMI, NUOM, NUPF, NUPL, NUPV, NUSD, NUSM, NUSW, NUVM, NUYL, NUYV, NUYX, NUZF, NUZL, NUZS, NUZV, NUZZ, OACS, OAQC, ONAC, PAA, PHPT, PID, PIM, PPC, PPP, PVIIA, RAHDDB, RAHDDN, RALLVB, RATBBB, RATBBN, RAVHHN, RAVHSB, RAVSSB, RAVSSN, RCCHHB, RCCHVB, RDCBBN, RDCKKB, RDCKKN, RDPRAN, RDSCCB, RELRSN, RETIIN, RSABBN, RSEPQN, RSEQQB, RSPCCN, RSPMMB, RSPMMN, SAIB, SBLB, SBLR, SCCA, SCSR, SEEQ, SEGB, SEGF, SEGL, SEGU, SEHE, SEIA, SEJL, SEQC, SEQI, SEQL, SEQM, SEQR, SEQU, SEV07DA, SEV07YB, SEV08DA, SEV08DB, SEV08RA, SEV08RB, SEV10DA, SEV10DB, SEV10RA, SEV10RB, SEV10YA, SEV10YB, SEV17DA, SEV17YA, SEVL07YB, SMBS, SMCC, SMCQ, SMCS, SMCT, SMLC, SMS, SMTQ, SPCCHW, SPCQ, SPFA, SPHK, SPIJ, SPJT, SPLB, SPLI, SPLT, SPMB, SPMCHW, SPMMHW, SPMP, SPMR, SPPS, SPST Must be booked between August 2, 2022 and August 31, 2022 at 23:59 EST. Valid only when applied to new bookings and bookings made using a Suspension Travel Credit issued as a result of a tour suspension due to COVID-19. Must quote promo code G23GAV020ADV01 for 20% off at time of booking. Bookings must be made by calling G Adventures, through G Adventures’ travel agent booking system, or as otherwise indicated by G Adventures. Cannot be combined with any other offers, promotions or discounts and is subject to availability and airline booking guidelines. Cannot be combined with any other offers, promotions or discounts other than the G Adventures’ Book with Confidence Policy and is subject to availability. Does not apply to Expedition, National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures, National Geographic Family Journeys with G Adventures, Private Groups (with exception of the ‘Book Your Bubble Collection’), Independent trips, Day Tours, pre- or post-tour accommodation, insurance, upgrades, add-ons, “My Own Room” or “My Own Tent,” transfers, theme packs, or other in-country or on-board services. G Adventures reserves the right to withdraw this offer from sale at any time without prior notice. Any refunds made with respect to products booked under this promotion shall be issued at the discounted rate. G Adventures reserves the right to cancel any booking due to unauthorized, altered, ineligible, or fraudulent use of discount. G Adventures is not responsible for technical or system errors that may interfere with or otherwise prohibit the use of the promotion. All G Adventures’ tours are subject to G Adventures' full booking conditions, contact your travel advisor for more information.

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